Popular Questions We Get
Asked By Customer

In this section we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions
we receive from both new and existing customers.

What is that mean subaccount?

A subaccount in SaaS is a type of account that is created within a main account. Subaccounts allow for greater control and customization of the overall account, allowing for individual access to the main account, as well as the ability to set up different permissions and settings for each subaccount. This allows for a more secure and efficient way to manage multiple users on the same platform.

What payment method are supported?

We accept PayPal and Stripe for credit/debit card payment. We recommend using PayPal because the refund process more faster than Stripe.

How you deliver the product?

At the moment, products are delivered in 2 different ways.

  1.  Pre-registered account – After making a purchase, you will receive email content your login detail. We are using your email registered at JVsaas to create the subaccount product.
  2. License code – Some of the software need to activate with license/voucher/redeem code. After making a purchase, you will receipt the code and instruction, how to redeem.

What is that mean “Verified Account” badge?

You will see the badge – “✅ Verified Account” in some product. Mean, JVsaas was verified that main account have lifetime software purchased from the developer/product owner. The badge also verified that main account was able to create the subaccount.

What is your refund policy?

We provide 30-days money-back guarantee. Please read our full refund policy here 

Can i get the support after purchase?

If you have any issue regarding subaccount/license code, please contact our support using dashboard account.

About the product/software support, we advice user to find the documentation, knowledge-base, tutorial and demo at developer/product owner website.

Alternatively, you can join Facebook group product support to get the latest information about the software.

What is 1-year deal, one-time purchased and lifetime deals?

At the moment, JVsaas only provide 2 software deals;

  1. 1-Year Deal – This is not subscription, you will pay only for 1-year. You will receive an email from the main account on the next billing date asking if you want to continue the subaccount or not.
  2. One-Time Purchase – Also we called lifetime deals subaccount. You will pay one-time only. As long as the product owner/developer running the software/product, you will get the access.

Once you purchase lifetime product from us, you have access to that tool as exist for the lifetime of the product. As long as the tool is still available, the developer of product has agreed you’ll have access to it.

Please read our disclosure disclaimer for more detail.

If i have another question, where can i ask?

We are more than happy to help to answer your question.

if you are registered user, please contact us through your dashboard account (we have special attention from our buyer).

Other user, please email to us at –  office (at) jvsaas. com