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Sell your product to your target market. Start receive feedback.

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Why JVsaas?

Our goal is to help resellers, agencies, software vendors, and developers reach their goals.

Higher Return

At JVsaas, you can list for free. Earn up to 80% of your income after making a sale. No hidden fees.

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Our support team will give you special attention as a partner. A personal human being, that is.

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You can track your sales, user comments, and reviews in one dashboard. Make sure you stay in touch with your users.

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Let us handle your marketing while you relax. We engage users across multiple platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What product can I sell at JVsaas?

There are many digital products you can sell, including Software as a Service (SaaS), WordPress themes and plugins, graphic tools, Windows, iOS, and Android software.

I have reseller account , can i sell my subaccount?

We can promote your sub-user account. But if the product is not listed on JVsaas. Please check our product list.

How can I deliver the product to user?

After a user purchases your product, there are several ways to deliver it.

  1. Coupon code – oupreferred method for users to redeem at your website without purchase. You will provide the account details to the user

  2. Preregistered – After purchase, you will provide username & email to you, and create account at your side.

  3. Download link – After purchase, user can instantly download the product from dashboard.

What i need to know after sale service?

At JVsaas, we only cover on sale and marketing. All product support, documentation, tutorial etc will be handling by partner. We also provide 30 days LIMITED money-back guarantee, please read our refund policy.

I have another question, where can i ask?

Please contact us at